The international shipping industry is responsible for around 90% of world trade. The world fleet is manned by over a million seafarers, meaning the safety of vessels is critical.

Situational awareness means having an accurate understanding of what is happening around you and what is likely to happen. Unfortunately, an overload of automated on-screen warnings, and the limits of a human’s attention span result in the loss of lives and assets:

  • The value of 230,000 marine insurance industry claims in five years is almost $10bn. Ship sinking/collision incidents account for 16% of this total. (Allianz report 2019)
  • In addition, over 223 acts of piracy or armed robbery were reported in 2018, a 9% increase from 2017. Attacks are most successful when the crew is on its lowest guard and alarms are raised too late.

Westray assists the officers on the bridge with its 360 day & night detection system. It digests on-board signals and provides immediate actionable intelligence to avoid collisions and unauthorised boarding.

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